Tiny Tan Toys

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Tiny Tan is the chibi version of BTS. Chibi is a style of art that frames cute child-like characters with large heads and eyes with small bodies. Our boys of BTS have now represented as adorable characters and I believe that this representation will certainly deliver their message to a wider audience. In one way, this series will enable the younger audience to understand the significance of having a dream and pursuing it in the honest ways possible.



Unbreakable Cuteness aka Kim Nam-joon aka RM


World wide Cutie aka Kim Seok-jin aka Jin


Sweetie with Swagger aka Min Yoon-gi aka Suga


Little Hope Right There aka Jung Ho-seok aka J-Hope


Lovely Little Angel aka Park Ji-min aka Jimin


Precious Baby Bear aka Kim Tae-hyung aka V


Adorable golden baby aka Jeon Jung-kook aka JK


The messaging from the posters emphasizes on having a dream and pursuing it. The magic door is the gateway to absorb that element in your life — that keeps you inspired — fighting!