Extracta™ - Blackheads Remover Vacuum

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Advanced Blackhead Vacuum with Upgraded Technology

Experience the power of our advanced blackhead remover, meticulously engineered for safe and direct use on the face. It achieves deep cleaning, effectively eliminating blackheads, whiteheads, dead skin, acne, excess grease, and makeup residues. Beyond mere cleansing, it stimulates blood circulation and enhances skin elasticity, reducing wrinkles, shrinking pores, and smoothing fine lines, all without compromising the integrity of your skin.

Safe, Painless, and Highly Effective

Employing effective physical methods to address various skin concerns, our device is ROHS FCC and CE certified, guaranteeing superior safety and efficacy compared to traditional facial cleaning methods.

Customizable Suction Levels and Probes

Level 1 is ideal for sensitive and dry skin, Level 2 for normal skin, and Level 3 for combination and oily skin. Additionally, choose from five replaceable probes designed to address specific skin conditions, such as blackhead removal, dirt and grease extraction, and reduction of dead skin and fine lines.

Rechargeable and Portable Display

Equipped with a built-in USB rechargeable battery, our extractor vacuum ensures superior standby time with just a single charge.

Usage Tips for Optimal Results

Prior to using the vacuum pore cleaner, prepare your skin by using a hot towel or facial steamer to open up your pores. To prevent facial bruising, avoid lingering on one area for more than 3 seconds. For any inquiries or concerns about blackhead removal, our customer support is available at your convenience.