Sticky Orbs™ - (10 pcs) Stress Relief Toy

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 So Satisfying and Addictive!

Looking for a unique and fun way to relieve stress and get some exercise? Try tossing our Sticky Orbs™ up in the air or against a wall! These colorful fidget toys will stick and slowly come back off, adding an element of surprise to your playtime.

With a set of vibrant neon shades and a cool luminous effect in darkness, these orbs are perfect for stress relieve.


Simply throw the sticky orbs on the wall or ceiling, with the small amount of filler used, it sticks on the wall for 3-10 seconds. With repetitive throwing and catching of the orbs, it helps improve your response capability and exercise hand and abdominal muscles.


These funny sticky squeeze toys never leave a sticky residue behind, and remain sticky even after being washed. It's perfect to play with as stress orbs for the office or enjoyable toys for kids.

  • Reduce Anxiety & Stress: These squeezy orbs are great for children and adults alike. 
  • Squeeze & Squash at Your Desk: Great for the desk fidget-er.
  • What's in the Box: The pack contains 4 squishy neon orbs. Approximately 7cm. Made from a soft rubber material that is very elastic.


Q. What is the size of each orb?

A. Each orb is approximately the size of a golf ball or super ball. 

Q. Do they glow in the dark?

A. Yes, they do.

Q. How can I make the Sticky Orb™ sticky again?

A. Easy! Simply wash the orbs with soap and water to get their stickiness back.

Q. Will this leave a residue?

A.  Sticky Orbs™ leaves no sticky or oily residue.

Q. How long is shipping?

A.  Processing 7 business days. 4-15 business days shipping