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Experience Unrivaled Cleanliness with a Single Swift Glide!

Say goodbye to the relentless presence of pet hair and lint in your living space with our innovative StickyGoo Roller.

Harnessing the might of a potent adhesive, our lint roller effortlessly eradicates lint, hair, and dust from a spectrum of surfaces – be it your garments, furnishings, or other materials – all with a single deft movement. Its versatility shines through, catering to an extensive array of surfaces.

Sustainably Fresh

Don't just dispose – refresh and reuse! Give your rollers a simple rinse with hot water, and witness them transform into a state of pristine novelty. Bask in the convenience of a glue-like grip without any sticky residue.

Elevate Your Cleanliness Quotient

Engineered for utmost ease, our handheld adhesive roller guarantees an impeccable finish. Its reusability not only makes it an eco-friendly choice but also a smart economic one. Moreover, the integrated rubber teeth are adept at dislodging entrenched hair from carpets.


  • Over the course of usage, hair oils may accumulate, diminishing the adhesive effectiveness of the rollers. In such instances, we recommend a prompt remedy by gently cleansing the rollers with mild dish soap and hot water.This cleansing process ensures the complete elimination of residue, revitalizing the adhesive properties to their initial state.
  • Do not use on any painted surfaces, wall paper, or surfaces that might chip.