Rick and Morty Mug

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Style: Morty

You love watching the hilarious grandfather-grandson duo of Rick and Morty go on all sorts of crazy adventures. Well, now you can prepare for your own crazy adventures by having a cup of coffee out of this Rick and Morty-themed Ceramic Coffee Mug.

If there’s one place in this (or any other dimension) that’s used to holding an obscenely large amount of drink, it’s Rick Sanchez’s head. So, it makes perfect sense that it’s been used as inspiration for this Rick and Morty 3D mug!

Like he was cloned by… himself or ripped from an alternate dimension where people are actually mugs, this Rick mug is a perfect likeness of the brilliant but boozy scientist himself. He’s got the spiky hair, the sleep-deprived eyes, the uni-brow, and the signature green dribble. Except, where his brilliant brain would be, there’s just a portal-shaped hole for your cuppa.

Morty's mug is shaped like Morty's head and he has one of his classic astonished expressions on his face. Inside the mug is a picture of Rick and Morty jumping out of a portal!

  • Product features:
    • Don’t put Rick in the dishwasher
    • Or the microwave, that’s not a dimension anyone should visit
  • Product features:
    • Officially licensed Rick And Morty mug
    • Unique three-dimensional mug, shaped just like Rick’s head
    • Features hand-painted details
    • Comes in a useful little gift box
    • Hand wash only
    • 500ml capacity
  • Dimensions:
    • Measures approximately 12cm (H) x 13cm (W) x 13cm (D)