Exfoliating Glove

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The Ultimate Skin Revitalization Experience

Deep Cleansing and Effective Detoxification

Discover the secret to radiant, smooth skin with our advanced body scrub mitt. Designed to cater to even the most sensitive skin types, this mitt delicately removes dead skin cells and dry patches without causing harm. Embrace the transformation to a clearer, more luminous complexion today.

Premium Quality Materials

Constructed from 100% viscose fiber, our body exfoliating glove stands out for its safety and durability compared to chemical exfoliants. Designed to avoid scratching while deeply exfoliating the skin, it unclogs pores with ease. Enhanced with reinforced internal stitching, this glove promises extended usability and comes with a convenient lanyard for effortless drying.

Optimal Tanning Preparation

Elevate your tanning routine with our exfoliating bath gloves—your essential pre and post-tanning tool. For an even, lasting sunless tan, our skin exfoliating body mitt is the perfect preparatory step. It ensures that tanning agents or black creams adhere smoothly and evenly, resulting in a flawless tan every time.

Easy Use and Care

Transform your skin care routine with ease. Simply soak the mitt in a semi-dry state and gently massage your skin to unlock its exfoliating power. Rinse and reuse as needed, with recommendations for use 1-2 times a week and replacement every 2-3 months. Note that a slight odor and color fade after initial water contact is normal and will lessen with continued use.