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Style: Empty Room

Where Art and Technology Harmoniously Converge

Discover a captivating masterpiece that seamlessly blends the realms of art and technology, transcending boundaries with ArtLum's innovative design. Through the captivating transformation of LED lighting, immerse yourself in an ever-changing display of mesmerizing visual effects, allowing you to experience the allure of art wherever you may be.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ArtLum™ showcases the finest quality materials. Utilizing high-quality LED lights and acrylic materials, it delivers unparalleled brilliance, remarkable contrast, and true-to-life color reproduction. The result is a meticulously crafted image that emanates lifelike vibrancy, leaving you awestruck.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, ArtLum serves as a distinct and thoughtful gift for your loved ones, partners, or valued customers. It embodies your deep affection and genuine sincerity, making it an unforgettable token of appreciation on special occasions like birthdays.

Experience the perfect blend of visual enchantment and heartfelt sentiment, crafted to elevate your surroundings and leave an indelible impression.


More details:

  • Material: acrylic
  • Switch: button
  • Power supply: USB interface
  • Color: Tricolor dimming
  • Color temperature: 3000-6000K
  • Light color: positive white light (6000K), neutral light (4500K), warm light (3000K)


Size Information: