Brass Knuckles

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Size: 7

Retractable Brass Knuckles!

Brass knuckles also called iron fists in 440 chrome-plated carbon-reinforced stainless steel. The absolute novelty of these retractable 4-ring brass knuckles once closed can be worn in a single finger like a ring and when needed it opens quickly and becomes a classic 4-ring brass knuckle.

  • Can be transformed into a Self Defense Brass Knuckles very easily, unique creative design!
  • The junctions are very robust, they won't be broken easily.
  • It can be worn as a common ring, it won't bring you trouble when you wear it.
  • Made of hard Zinc Alloy or 440C Stainless Steel, 2 kinds of material optional. No rusting, and very durable.
  • Very light, about 100g.