BioMix™ - Wide Chute Slow Masticating Juicer

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 Let’s Enjoy 100% Healthy Juice with BioMix™

Nowadays, It's time to have a full of healthy and nutrient body! Say goodbye to those juices with too much water and sugar. The slow juicer is the fastest and easiest cold press machine for your funny juicing. It's playing an important role in the modern kitchen.

The BioMix™ Portable Mini Size Slow Juicer has a low speed of 40-65 RPM which prevents oxidation and preserves the live enzymes, nutrients, and essential vitamins destroyed by friction or heat with high juice yield! Just enjoy a healthy day with BioMix! The best choice for you!

Juice & Pulp Separation - This Masticating juicer can easily separate the pulp from the juice, extracts maximum nutrition from fruits and vegetables into the juice, and gives you the most delicious, flavorful juice every day!

Maximum Nutrition Value - Our juicer machine with a 200W motor rotates at 40 RPM which is more slower and powerful than other slow juicers on the market, less heat, and minimum oxidation, preserves maximum nutrition from fruits and vegetables, up to 90% juice yield.
Safe & Quiet - The cold press juicer is made from baby food-grade material without any toxic substances, plus our juicer works under 50db which is more quieter than most of juicers.