AquaBio Bio-Collagen Deep Mask

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Deep Hydration

The oligo-hyaluronic acid featured in the AquaBio Bio-Collagen Real Deep Mask delivers a moisturizing effect that surpasses that of traditional hyaluronic acid. It not only hydrates the skin's surface but also penetrates the deeper layers, ensuring a complexion that looks and feels both healthy and thoroughly moisturized.

Pore Tightening & Firming

With ultra-low molecular collagen, this mask enhances skin penetration and absorption, effectively refining the appearance of enlarged pores. It instantly improves skin elasticity upon application, and visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles, offering a smoother, firmer skin texture.

Strengthen the Skin’s Barrier

 The inclusion of three different kinds of probiotics in our hydrogel mask plays a crucial role in reinforcing the skin’s barrier, which in turn, aids in the prevention of skin aging.


 Carefully formulated with non-toxic and non-irritant ingredients, this deep hydrating facial mask is devoid of any components that could cause allergic reactions. It eliminates the use of 19 harsh and controversial ingredients, making it entirely safe for even the most sensitive skin types.

Long-Lasting Results

 AquaBio skincare products are designed with a focus on not only achieving effective results but ensuring that these benefits are long-lasting. Beyond merely offering temporary effects, our aim is to deliver a balance of quality ingredients that contribute to sustained skin health and beauty.