Anion Filter Shower Head with 3 Mode High Pressure

Sale price$29.99

Remove Contaminants, Purify your Water for a Healthy Skin 

It's time to make the switch to save water and help your skin. Filter impurity, and experience a smoother water flow. Improve your hair & skin health

  • ✅ Negative ionic balls remove chlorine, purify water, improve mineral nutrient absorption, reduce oil secretion, and increase cell viability.
  • ✅ Three Shower Modes: Rainfall, Massage, and Jetting & 2-Layer of Filters to get a SPA shower Experience.
  • ✅ Laser perforated technology saves 30% of water and increases 200% pressure.
  • ✅ Use Eco-Friendly ABS material, with a transparent, see-through design and high-density filter which removable for easy cleaning, recommended to buy two, replace to use, suitable for men, women, children, and pets.
  • ✅ Easy Installation, simply skew onto any standard shower hose


More Details about the Stones

So what are these Stones that look like baked beans 😄?! They help purify the water, removes heavy metals, lead, fluoride, chlorine, chemicals & harmful bacteria. These stones have been used for years to treat skin diseases as well. Therefore we have incorporated them in our shower head. The specific stone is called the main stone. Once you read about their special properties, you'll never go back to a regular shower head.