Cute Banana Plush

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This Cute Banana Plush is Looking for a Friend! 

With its lovely and very simulated appearance, the Banana Plush can accompany you or your friends through lonely times. All bad emotions and work stress will disappear when you embrace the plush Changeable doll! Soft toy animal long pillow.
  • Great Gift - Animal pillow doll toy is a great gift for your lovely girlfriends or your cute kids on their birthday or other festivals, holidays. Perfect for applications of chair, sofa, car, seat decoration of cushion cover. Add some fun & comfort to your life.

The doll’s arms and legs have sculpted steel wires. You can put him in any pose, and he can be fixed.

The banana man doll’s palm has a magnetic buckle. His palm can be sucked on any iron object, so this little doll can do tuck-knees and climb on iron pillars.

It is a perfect decoration for your home, especially for your bedroom.