TILISMA Book Page Holder

Sale price$19.99
Material: Wood

A Must Have for All Readers 👓

  • 📖 READ WITH JUST ONE HAND -  Wood Page Holder helps you to hold the pages in your book wide open for convenient reading with one hand, so you still have a free hand for a coffee, cooking, or traveling!


  • 📖 HANDMADE & UNIQUE: Each Readerly Page Holder is hand crafted from wood. Since wood is a natural product, each one has it's own unique character and pattern. No two page holders are exactly the same.
  • 📖 PERFECT GIFT FOR TEACHERS: Easily hold a textbook open in one hand, leaving you with a spare hand to write on the board or grab a coffee.
  • 📖 PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION - Lightweight, compact and portable! Fits for both thick and thin books with glue binding! Its smooth texture and ergonomic design will keep your hand comfortable and cramp-free!