Sunset Projection Lamp

Sale price$34.99
Style: Sunset Red

Keep the Sunlight in your Room

Sunlight has a deep effect on your mood, now more than ever before you need something that keeps your room with warm lighting and gives you a good mood.

The lamp does a very realistic project of the sunlight in your room so that whenever you wake up you feel like it's early morning. Be creative and take some professional pics with the perfect lighting.

The light head is adjustable, move it further and you'll have a bigger surface with sunlight. 


Q. What is the difference between the sunset version & the sunrise version?
A.   The Sunrise version emits a lighter Yellow & Red shade.
Q. How do I set it up?
A. Simply plug in your Sunset projector & angle it to where you want it to project the light & boom! You're good to go!

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