Portable Pet Water Bottle

Sale price$24.99
Color: Pink

How do you usually hydrate your pets on outdoor trips and hikes? From a regular bottle? From a collapsible bowl?

These options may not be convenient when you’re roughin’ it and on the go though. You’ve got to pour bottled water in a way your pet can drink comfortably (usually into your own hand). And a bowl will require drying off before storage. Go leak-free with our Portable Pet Water Bottle, available in four cute colors.


  • It is compact: lightweight and small size allow you to put it in your purse.
  • Durable: Made with special hard-plastic materials to last as any pet owner would & should expect!
  • New Technology to keep water fresh at all times.  
  • 550 ml capacity


The portable water bottle dispenses the perfect amount of water into the attached mini bowl. Let your dog drink and then press the button to suck back the unfinished water. It's perfect for walks, hikes, camping, and everyday use!