Piggy Bank ATM

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Color: Pink

Save Money in a Fun Way!

The traditional piggy bank is and will always be a great idea but it is sadly past its primeIt has tremendously helped the older generation to learn the value of money in their time but for the latest generation, it may not hold that much prestige anymore

Kids of today are geared toward the futuristic concept of a cashless society so it is only right to provide them with the knowledge they would need to live in that so-called society.

This is why getting them the Electronic Piggy Bank is the best we can do right now to provide them with the proper grounding.

Introduce your kids to the basics of financial literacy by saving their allowance in this electronic coin box. It has a slot for coins and cash bills and it keeps the money safe with an encrypted password. 

The Electronic Piggy Bank is an innovative and futuristic password-protected piggy bank. Simulating a real-life ATM machine requires a PIN code before it rolls out the money. It also plays a cute song when you save some money 😄.

How to change the Password:

Enter the default password 0000, open the box and hold * key input for the password you want to change by # end (in 15s). If you forget your password, you can take off the battery, after 10min you can restore the factory default password 0000.