JuJu™ - Pogo Jumper

Sale price$29.99
Color: Red

Time to Get Your Kids Away From the Phone!


Kids can’t wait to jump into action - with a fun-filled bouncer that squeaks as they hop! Perfect for use indoors or out, it features a soft foam handle and a stretchy bungee cord that easily accommodates kids of all heights. 

JuJu will make a great gift for your playful four-year-old daughter. Imagine him/her jumping around on the pink pogo stick smiling and laughing. This is a wonderful jumper designed for maximum enjoyment and fun. It is made of top-quality and highly durable bungee cord. It also has a thick, cushiony form base that provides a spring action.

JuJu uses solid quality foam – soft and not prone to ripping, the handles are covered with a foam grip as well and are easy to grab by both toddlers and older kids.