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Saves Space. Portable. Trouble-Free and Durable.

✔️Double Chamber made with silicone designed to hold ice cubes, and chill your drinks at once!

✔️ Leaves a ton of space in your freezer! No more squeezing to fit, 100% dishwasher safe!

✔️ Entirely Airtight lid, keeps ice cubes odor free, clean, and fresh!

✔️ After Frozen, It can be taken out, and you can chill drinks out of the freezer for hours!

How To Use!

✔️ There are 2 separate chambers separated with a tray. One chamber is used to store 40 ice cubes at once, and the other is meant for your chilled drinks, holding up to 72 ice cubes!

✔️ Fill up the chamber with water to freeze your ice cubes, and throw them in the freezer! It's safe to be around food, and latex FREE. Silicone is safe, easy, and durable to use.