Fitness Hula Hoop

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Have fun while getting into shape! With this Fitness Hula Hoop you strengthen your legs, buttocks, back and most importantly, your abdomen. A bonus: you increase your balance and coordination.


Special design

This Fitness Hula Hoop also offers a gentle massage. The high-quality material is weighted and is focused on the abdominal areas of the body. The wavy design allows you to easily keep the hula hoop high. Store it by dividing the hoop in 6 separate parts that click in and out of each other.

The benefits of the Fitness Hula Hoop

- Enjoyable exercise
- Gentle massage
- Easy to store
- A flat belly, firm buttocks... Order the Fitness Hula Hoop now and try to increase your limit!


Overview specifications:

  •  Dimensions: L: 100 cm W: 100 cm H: 100cm
  •  Diameter: 100 cm
  •  Weight: 1.2 kg