Heart Diffraction Glasses

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Color: Black

 Love is in the Air...!

If you are having a crummy day, just put these on have fun seeing light sources into lovely hearts. Now you can see love everywhere in the city!

Look at a bunch of lights wearing these glasses is the coolest - and, it will be even more fun when you do this with your friends and your loved ones! These amazing heart effect glasses are amazing for modern-day couples. Wear them out on a date or as you attend parties together with your significant other. Be swept away into magically romantic scenery that only these hearts can bring!

Made with state-of-the-art Fresnel diffraction lens technology:  Fresnel diffraction happens when a certain source of light meets a barrier, producing spherical waves with patterns that can be observed as a fringed image of the object. 

Feature reinforced stainless steel hinges: Our glasses are designed and crafted with your comfort and convenience in mind. Their ultra-durable spring stainless steel hinges are very comfortable to wear and withstand everyday use and abuse!

UV 400 HD clear tinted lenses: Built for clarity while protecting your eyes from UV rays at the same time. These glasses provide HD clear viewing and a remarkable explosion of magical rainbow hearts!