Hair Braiding Machine

Sale price$34.99

Braiding can be easier than you think

Braiding gets tiring and boring easily, luckily there is a tool that makes consistent braids automatically. HairTwister - Automatic Hair Braider is here to make the tedious work fun and engaging at no risk for your hair.

Insert the hairs gently inside and watch how HairTwister instantly braids your hair. Let your kids experiment with it and rest assured, with HairTwister there is no pulling or tangling.

Designing your twisty braids now takes but a few minutes! Look cute as ever styling the nicest braids possible to make, all with one tool that saves time and creates gorgeous looks!


  • 1 x HairTwister
  • 1 x Comb
  • 1 x Fixing Strip
  • 6 x Rubber Band Fixer
  • 30 x Rubber Bands
  • 3 x Hooks
  • 1 x Hair Fixer