Fingerprint Smart Door Lock

Sale price$99.99
Color: Black


✅ Instant fingerprint recognition system.

✅ Unlock remotely with your phone mobile app.

✅ Open your door with passcodes on the handle.

✅ Easy DIY installation, no professional required.

Unlock Instantly with Your Fingerprint

Unlock your door with your fingerprint at a speed of 0.5s so you feel like opening any normal door and no time is wasted looking for your keys everywhere. Configure up to 20 different fingerprints with unlocking access.

Manage Your Door With Your Mobile Phone

Open your door from your mobile phone app either when physically close to the door or remotely to give someone instant access as well as to manage door unlock history. Manage multiple door locks in the same mobile app.

Open Your Door with a Passcode

Open your door in seconds with a passcode you can type on the door handle digital type pad directly. Manage multiple passcodes right from your mobile app to give access temporarily or for an extended period of time.

DIY Installation No Professional Needed

Mount it yourself with easy-to-follow manual instructions and video tutorials. And if you get stuck we're also here to help and assist you. Just get in touch with our customer service, we'll be happy to help in getting you set up.