Orbnova Spinner™

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Color: Blue

Endless Tricks at Your Fingertips!

The motorized Orbnova spinner flying ball that floats, glides, and climbs through the air at your command, then returns to your hand like a boomerang. It lets you light up any room with incredible acrobatic tricks that get people asking, “How’d you do that?”

Safety tested for use with children, it’s the worry-free way to keep you and your loved ones entertained for hours. All while learning new skills, improving your hand-eye coordination, and getting up off the couch and onto your feet. It’s the perfect cure for lockdown boredom and too much screentime. 

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  • ✅High-Quality Lithium Battery
  • LED Lights
  • USB Charging
  • Perfect Indoor & Outdoor Game

Long Battery Life

A 20-minute charge gives your Orbnova Spinner 1 hour of operating time.

* Battery life depends on circumstances. For example, 30 minutes of continuous use in a single session or multiple 8-10 minute sessions. Additionally, factors like wind can affect power usage as well.

Here are some Game Ideas!